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Jul 13, 2015 | | Say something

I have a “passion” for writing resumes.

Despite the truth in this cliché phrase, it does not describe my depth of interest and experience in career consulting or resume writing.

The truth of the matter is I love helping people see themselves within a different light. I like to transform a client’s “responsibilities” into an accomplishment-oriented document that markets their true skills. I enjoy learning about each client’s past and present jobs and showing them how to be confident in their abilities. It is exciting for me when I can help clients with their job search and find openings that could be a potential opportunity for them.

Writing a resume is very similar. You do not want to use the standard “I am responsible for…” or “I am passionate about XYZ” statements. This is boring and repetitive. I have seen countless resumes that begin with this statement and unfortunately it does not provide any more information than a job description. It is important to dig deep and really think about your experiences and provide them with the depth and knowledge of what you have accomplished within each role. You can do this by providing examples from your work experience to show your passion and abilities without actually have to state it.

So instead of telling someone you are driven or have a passion for XYZ, prove it. Show them what you have accomplished and what you are really are capable of. Then not only will you feel confident, but the person reading your resume will see it too.

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